About Rhodes (Part 2)

Filerimos Filerimos is a hill, 270 meters high, planed with cypress and other trees, 15 km away from Rhodes-town. 
The upper part of Filerimos is a large plateau and most of the buildings are found on the eastern side. They include the foundations of a temple, an Early Christian basilica and a Byzantine church.
Italians restored this monastery. Along the right side of a path there are scenes of the Passions of Jesus. This tiny thickly planed road leads to the western part of the hill, where an imposing cross stands in the middle of a small square.
Kamiros (30 km Southwest of Rhodes-town) is one of the three major Doric cities that united in the 5th century BC to found the powerful city-state of Rhodes. Kamiros was largely a farming community with wine and oil as its main products. The impressive remains are spread on a hillside with a view towards the sea. Today, the oldest ruins of the city are dated from the Hellenistic Era. The ruins of the city include a market with a Dorian arch, the altar of an unknown god, a Doric temple and a square. On the top of the hill, you can see the acropolis, which was covered by a large northern arch (3rd century BC), built on a water-tank.  Kamiros
A track, leading south-west out of the village of Monolithos and down towards the sea brings you, after 3 km to the Byzantine castle of Monolithos. The castle was built on top of a rock, which gives it its name (monos lithos = single rock). Inside the castle there is a small chapel (15th century). From the castle you have a fantastic view of the West Coast and the small offshore islands. Monolithos
Butterflies valley - Petaloudes Approx. 2,5 km behind Paradisi a road runs off to the left. After 6 km you reach the beautiful valley of butterflies (Petaloudes). This small part of Eden lies 25 km away from Rhodes-town. A thickly planed valley with running waters, wooden bridges and lakes, make even the most demanding visitor short of words in front of this unique sight and the feeling of tranquillity. From July until September the valley gets filled up with thousands of butterflies, a sight that offers an even more enhancing view. 
Sianna Sianna is a small village in the proximity of Attavyros. The position in the woods has made it a major producer of honey, which may be bought at the taverns in the village. Sianna is a typical mountain village in which it is still very quiet. Embona is also a typical mountain village at the slope of the Attavyros, the highest peak on Rhodes. Embona is interesting for those attracted by folklore, and also produces very good wine. The wine factory Emery is open for visits and wine tasting. There are some good taverns in Embona and the people who live there are very kind. 
The monastery Thari (south of Laerma) has been inhabited again for some years by monks. The present building arose in the 14th century. You can make very beautiful walks in the environs of the monastery. Approx. 4 km southeast of Lardos lies the 1855 founded nunnery Moni Ipsenis. Famous is the feast on 23rd. August at which time many believers come to the nunnery. The church has a fine olivewood roof. Moni Thari